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We are the first web3 platform to drive the creation of new collaborative businesses on a global level.

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What’s Dober?

Dober is an innovative platform that use blockchain technology to revolutionize resource management and asset tokenization. With transparency and efficiency, we provide reliable solutions to empower communities towards growth and prosperity.

Join us and be part of this financial revolution towards a more inclusive and transparent future.

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Automates the distribution of resources through smart contracts. Distribution of treasury for DAOS, digital assets or online businesses. Pay human resources payroll transparently and securely. Set and pay task rewards between collaborators


Discover the true value of your assets with Dober Asset Tokenization. Convert your valuable resources into tradable tokens and open up new liquidity and investment possibilities. Receive passive income from what assets generate.

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Treasury Distribution

Treasury distribution automates fund allocation for earnings, rewards, payments, and more. It ensures fairness and transparency by using smart contracts to distribute resources efficiently based on predefined criteria.

Discover three ways to automate funds.


Define the distribution rules for each case. Choose when it is distributed and how much for each participant.


Distribute every income from your digital business, commissions and any share income between the owners.

Why Dober?

Meet our founders

Discover the heart and soul of Dober through our exceptional founding team.
We're a family and we have a mission to amplify transparency and decentralization in finance.

Join hands with us to shape a future of empowered communities.

Fernando Castillo

Blockchain Master - Ph.D.(c) Technische Universität Berlin


Margarita Castillo

Blockchain Finance Expert - Master's degree in Finance


Oscar Castillo

Early Investor Blockchain - Director of Cidif Digital Ventures



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